Our clients typically request our Cloud Solutions for the following reasons


Maintaining the facilities, hardware, software and manpower required for running your IT infrastructure is extremely difficult. Let us take some of your headache away.

Additional Capacity

Our cloud storage is great for organizations that need additional storage capacity but don’t necessarily want to make the capital expenditure to buy more.

Off-Site Requirements

Most organizations have requirements to store data offsite. Whether you need storage for backups, archiving or DR, we have you covered.

UltraLevel Cloud Storage Benefits


Our storage can scale as far as you need it to, all without a capital expenditure.


All of our storage solutions are heavily encrypted using industry-leading technologies.

High Performance

Admittedly, we are rather obsessed with storage performance. You won’t find cloud storage that performs better than this!

Pay As You Grow

Unlike traditional on-premises storage solutions, you don’t need to buy storage based on 3-7 year growth projections.

No Maintenance

Cloud Storage doesn’t require that you staff personnel to replace parts, upgrade firmware, and install heavy equipment

Less Downtime

We use resilient storage systems in our Tier 5 Platinum Datacenters.

Private Cloud Use Cases

Regulatory Compliance

Data also has to be instantly accessible across multiple locations due to dispersed geographical points of care.

Remote Sites

Data has to be accessed by a multitude of operational staff from remote locations for quality improvement, data reporting and other functions.

Critical Applications

Data is under attack by cyber criminals since 2016 and the cost of preventing data breach is exorbitant.

Software Licensing

It costs money to store, retrieve and protect data.

Public Cloud

What is Public Cloud?

Public Cloud refers to the computing services offered by providers over the public internet that are available to anyone who wants to purchase them. They are subscription based and are typically charged based on CPU, storage and bandwidth utilization. Public Cloud resources can typically be deployed quicker than Private Cloud resources. Although Public Cloud is perceived to be less secure than Private Cloud, the latest technology, when implemented correctly, allows Public Cloud to be just as secure as Private Cloud.

Backup and Archive

Backup and archive data is often an organization’s first candidate for shifting to the cloud. This is because backup data is viewed as less critical, and cloud storage is affordable, scalable and doesn’t require maintenance.

Test and Development

The Public Cloud allows for environments to be built, tested and torn down quickly. Organizations no longer need to wait months to procure hardware and provision a new environment. This greatly increases efficiency and effectiveness.

Disaster Recovery (DR)

We live in a digital world. Most organizations have finally realized that any sort of sustained IT outage could cause irrevocable damage. However, operating a secondary, geographically diverse IT environment for DR is often cost prohibitive and immensely difficult. To accomplish DR, most organizations replicate their IT environment to the cloud to provide them with peace of mind while keeping costs low until it is needed.


Traditionally, organizations had to account for estimated growth in order to effectively architect and provision IT environments. With Public Cloud, they can start out with their current requirements, knowing that they have cloud resources readily available to scale into.

Hybrid Cloud

What is Hybrid Cloud?

Private Cloud can be defined as dedicated IT infrastructure offered over secure internal or external networks to select users within one organization. Public Cloud refers to multi tenant IT infrastructure offered by providers over the public internet that is available to anyone who wants to purchase them. Hybrid Cloud is the combination of one or more Private and Public Clouds.

UltraLevel’s hybrid cloud offering is design especially for organizations who require the security of a dedicated private environment but want the benefits of cloud computing. With an UltraLevel hybrid cloud you’ll be able to cut costs, improve efficiency and scalability and provide a virtualized environment for your employees while resting easily knowing you have UltraLevel monitoring your environment in a secure, SSAE-16 audited and HIPAA certified datacenter. Each customer has dedicated hardware, storage and network configuration, removing several hurdles that typically make regulatory compliance difficult to achieve. UltraLevel partners with CloudSAFE to create and manage your hybrid cloud environment. CloudSAFE is a premium, full-service managed services provider.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Overflow Resources

With a secure connection between Private and Public Clouds, organizations can quickly “overflow” to Public Cloud resources when demands exceed what is available in the Private Cloud. This eliminates the need for capital expenditures to handle short term spikes in resource requirements.

Best of Both Worlds

Private Cloud is typically more expensive, but necessary for many organizations to isolate sensitive workloads. Hybrid Cloud allows organizations to utilize Private Cloud for sensitive workloads, and Public Cloud for applications and data that are less critical.