The rising cost of system downtime cannot be ignored. The average cost of a datacenter outage has risen 38 percent since 2010¹. Cybercrime represents the fastest growing cause of datacenter outages, rising 1100% in the past 6 years. When totaling the direct, indirect and opportunity costs associated with a system outage, it’s easy to see how the losses quickly mount and why maximum downtime costs have skyrocketed 81%.

If you are a healthcare business then since 2016 you have become the most desired target for cybercrime. In fact, you are the second most attacked industry after the government and 40% of you are attacked daily.

UltraLevel uses CloudSAFE DR Disaster Recovery solutions from CloudSAFE to provide our customers with a disaster recovery solution that is tailored for their business needs.  CloudSAFE DR ranges from moderate to extra-large, enabling businesses to minimize the impact of an IT systems or datacenter outage. UltraLevel and CloudSAFE DR will help your organization work with confidence knowing our experts will be with you every step of the way, manning the safety net.

Active-Active Data Centers


For those mission critical business applications – the ones that will bring your organization to its knees if they aren’t available – you need Active-Active Data Centers. An Active-Active Data Center solution doesn’t help you recover AFTER a disaster. It helps you avoid the disaster altogether.  Run your mission critical business applications in CloudSAFE geographically dispersed, Active-Active data centers and you’ll never have to worry about a component failure, human error, or an accident rendering your most critical applications inoperative and unavailable.

Sometimes known as dual active, an Active-Active data center architecture is one where both data centers are able to run an application at any given time with access to a replicated database. Data flows to two locations, enabling better load balancing and automatic fail-over if one location should become unavailable. Combining Active-Active data centers with Active-Active applications provides you with continuously available computing. Building your own Active-Active data centers can be capital intensive. Leveraging the cloud can be a cost effective alternative. Whichever direction is best for your organization, UltraLevel has the expertise to support you.

UltraLevel offers multiple options for your Active-Active solution:

  • Build Your Own Data Center

    Our engineers and project designers have all the talent and knowledge to put together your Active-Active solution in your facility

  • Equipment in Our Data Centers

    Our facilities provides the ability for your organization to quickly position your own equipment into an Active-Active solution without a large-scale build-out of your facility

  • Our Equipment in Our Data Centers

    With a comprehensive solution, your Active-Active data center is completely managed, providing the security and confidence for your data center deployment

Common Causes of IT Disasters

Human Error

Power Outages

Hardware Failure

Natural Disasters

How long would you be down if one of these disasters happened at your primary datacenter?

How can we help?

Our DR Solutions are flexible to match our customers’ budgets and in-house capabilities.

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