Hospitals and healthcare enterprises in the United States are facing increasing financial and regulatory challenges. While one hears phrases like ‘shrinking reimbursements’, ‘unreasonable regulatory burdens’ and ‘falling patient volumes’ offered as the reason behind the challenges, one must understand that these challenges are here to stay and one must seek innovative solutions to these problems to remain sustainable in the long run. UltraLevel will gladly partner with you in designing and deploying these innovative solutions.

With over thirty years of executive healthcare management experience, we can truly say ‘been there, done that’ for most of these challenges. Being able to re-engineer processes and aligning all the stakeholders (who appear to communicate in different languages) by utilizing our learned ability to communicate with all of them in their language, has invariably resulted in a successful, sustainable and compliant facility.


Whether you are a physician group practice, a hospital or perhaps a post-acute care organization, who is concerned about your shrinking operating margins, shrinking market share or your increasing compliance challenges, hiring high- priced consulting firms usually does not solve the problem and may be simply unaffordable.

As a value-added service UltraLevel is pleased to offer hands-on consulting services of a seasoned healthcare physician executive who has successfully led numerous turnarounds of hospitals, physician groups, post-acute facilities and much more over thirty years and will be able to draw upon his vast turnaround experience to assist you. He has led facilities from bankruptcy to profitability, taken facilities with over 200 pages of (Form 2567) deficiencies and CMS 23-day notice of termination to full compliance.

We offer consulting services ranging from a focused area analysis to a full enterprise strategy consultation. If required we are also able to help recruit interim or permanent executives for you and mentor them for success. While we are comfortable in any part of the healthcare continuum we are sometimes asked to provide focused assistance in the following areas.

Focus Areas

Physician Relations

Often the medical staff and hospital management is found to be at loggerheads with each other. As physician executives, we speak both the languages and can easily align both stakeholders to ensure success.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue is the life-blood of most healthcare organizations. Revenue cycle, as its name suggests, is a complex multi-step process requiring expertise at every step for optimal functioning. Expert revenue cycle professionals are often in short supply and the lack of such talent, even in one of the many steps involved, can have disastrous outcomes for the enterprise. Fortunately, our seasoned RCM professionals can step in to assist your team quickly recover and begin to function as well- oiled machines.

Quality Systems

One often finds that healthcare quality is an area that does not get the focused attention that it deserves or only gets lip-service to meet the reimbursement requirements. Without a robust quality system, patient care quickly begins to suffer and results in poor outcomes at surveys and can jeopardize the organization’s sustainability. Our team, armed with years of quality experience, can assist your organization in this vital area.

Market Competitiveness

One does not need to saturate the air-waves with expensive advertisements and announcements to gain market share. There are several innovative methods one can adopt to get the desired results. Let our market strategist help you get to your goals.

Technology Debt Remediation and Evaluation

Technology is the first area that sees budget cuts in most healthcare organizations and any investments in this area is usually in response to threats of a catastrophe. Technology budgets do not need to be so large yet it can be effective. Allow our technology experts to stretch the budget dollars so you do not fall behind and become a catastrophe statistic.

Operational Cost Containment

Most organizations are so focused in their core functions that they do not keep up with innovative cost reduction options that not only cost less but provide better value. Let our innovative business team assist you in that respect.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Whether it is a human resource related regulation or a routine compliance matter, chances are that our team has dealt with that before and can help you navigate back into full compliance.

Data Security

Since 2016, healthcare organizations are the most favored targets for cyber thieves since this industry has collectively ignored their technology environment to save on costs, leaving them vulnerable to cybertheft and HIPAA violations. Let our experts remediate this vulnerability with the most cost-effective tools in our arsenal.