Hyper-Converged Solutions

Our hyper-converged platform is a fully integrated software solution that can house your entire IT infrastructure. Rather than treating compute, storage, and networking as technology silos, we bring these solutions together in a comprehensive multi tenant management system. Our solution allows you to deploy complete cloud data centers in seconds. Your Benefits:

  • Spend Less: Save upto 60% in hardware and software costs
  • Improved Efficiency: Reduces the need for technology support, reduces Technology FTE needs, reduces down time resulting in happy end-users.
  • Easy Set-up: It can be set up in less than one day instead of the customary 30+ days and is simple to use.
  • Flexibility: Works with any hardware, reduces the amount of hardware required, reduces the numbers of software licenses required and costs much less than the competition.
  • Creates your own secure and isolated private cloud.
  • Secure nested multi-tenancy allows you to service many separate entities with your existing infrastructure.
  • Security: Data automatically encrypted at rest, allows HIPAA, NIST, CUI compliance.
  • Licenses & Solutions: Eliminates the need for Hypervisor, Networking, Storage, Backup & Disaster Recovery and System Management solutions and their annual licenses. No more need for Servers, SANS, Firewalls, Switches, Hypervisors, Backup and Disaster Recovery Platforms, Management Systems, and Security Applications to be configured, managed, and maintained to keep businesses and institutions running as all of these are incorporated under one homogeneous application.
  • Global Deduplication: Deduplication is the elimination of duplicate or redundant data. In the process of deduplication, extra copies of the same data are omitted, resulting in the storage of only one copy. Data is analyzed to identify duplicate byte patterns to ensure the single instance is indeed the single file. Then, duplicate patterns are replaced with a reference that points to the stored data thus significantly reducing the amount of storage required and time to recover from a disaster.