Our Storage Solutions

Whether you need high performing, low cost storage devices for your facility or you wish to migrate to the Cloud, UltraLevel is your partner that can leverage its 20 years’ experience and expertise to make the process simple and painless.

We approach all our engagements from the perspective of business challenges that can be eased with technology. Bred from a foundation of application development, UltraLevel truly understands that for any application to be successful it must have a solid foundation.  Servers and storage, when sized correctly, are almost invisible to the user experience. However, when they are sized incorrectly they form bottlenecks that make the user experience suffer dramatically.

Our Compute and Storage Services include:

  • Server sizing and capacity planning
  • Datacenter design and implementation services
  • Storage sizing and capacity planning including storage area network design
  • Blade chassis design and implementation services
  • Performance assessments and tuning engagements
  • Cloud based server design and implementation services

Healthcare Data Storage

Our Flexible storage solutions are the answer to your healthcare data storage challenges. Hospitals and healthcare systems generate enormous amounts of data every single day. For CXOs and IT leaders, this voluminous data presents many challenges.

How do you preserve it in native form for 7 to 25 years, as required by law?
How do you keep it HIPAA compliant and safe from cyber-crime?
How do you make it seamlessly accessible across all geographies, clinical units and business functions?

In a world where healthcare budgets are already stretched to the limit, all this data is occupying expensive real estate that could be used for patient care services. Despite these incremental and ongoing investments in space, technology and manpower there never seems to be enough computing and storage capacity.

Why is Healthcare Data such a Challenge?


An average a patient generates 10MB of EMR data and 80MB of diagnostic data a year.


Data also has to be instantly accessible across multiple locations due to dispersed geographical points of care.

Need for Replication

Data is replicated at different points of service and stored, requiring additional space.


Data has to be accessed by a multitude of operational staff from remote locations for quality improvement, data reporting and other functions.


Data is under attack by cyber criminals since 2016 and the cost of preventing data breach is exorbitant.


Data has to be accessible from 7 to 25 years for regulatory and medico-legal reasons.


Data storage infrastructure quickly fills to capacity requiring more investment.


It costs money to store, retrieve and protect data.

Flexible Storage: The Ultimate Solution for Healthcare Data

Our Storage Solutions deliver incredible performance, high availability and multi-petabyte capacity. As if that wasn’t enough, we offer these solutions with industry-leading flexible pricing models. Whether you prefer CAPEX or OPEX, full capacity or capacity-on-demand, we have a pricing model that will fit into your budget. With our flexible On-Premises Storage Solutions, Healthcare organizations exceed their service level objectives while lowering the cost and complexity of their storage operations.

Faster than Flash

Up to 2.0M IOPS. Up to 25 GB/s throughput. Microsecond latency.

Multi-Petabyte Scale

Scales up to 4PB usable in a single 42U rack.

Unmatched Availability

Designed for seven nines of hardware uptime.

Best TCO Value

Option for consumption billing for on-premises storage.

Easy to Manage

Programmable API. Advanced metrics.