Ultralevel India, LLP

Indian industry and enterprises, both in the public sector and the private sector continues to make quantum leaps into the future. In order to keep the momentum going, optimized technology environments are a must. While there are numerous vendors who may carry a broad range of products, UltraLevel focuses on offering cutting edge solutions that usually are years ahead at costs that are a fraction of the current offerings. This is because the UltraLevel philosophy is to make reliable and cutting edge technology a smaller part of the enterprises’ budget and worries freeing them up to focus on their core competencies.

To address the current needs, UltraLevel has launched with the following three exciting solutions although all other conventional solutions are also available if needed:


A single hyper-converged data center software solution that greatly simplifies the creation, management, and security of a high performance, scalable and elastic IT infrastructure of a multi-tenant enterprise grade data center. Its Operating System enables compute, storage, and networking to seamlessly run enterprise applications in private or public environments while retaining complete control of hardware, data access, cost and also enjoying the benefits of a feature rich secure and isolated cloud.

Servers, SANS, Firewalls, Switches, Hypervisors, Backup and Disaster Recovery Platforms, Management Systems, and Security Applications all have been incorporated under one application to work together. This not only dramatically reduces security vulnerabilities and eliminates the costs associated with multiple software licenses for every user, but also provides a simple repeatable design strategy without requiring a room full of specialized engineers. In fact, these are so simple that it can be set up in one day instead of 30+ days that is typical in the industry.

In short, the benefits are:

Spend Much Less

Cut software and hardware costs by 50% by removing dependency on disparate systems and legacy hardware. Our single license easily replaces ten or more others and means less vendors to manage and control.

Improve Service

Reduce IT workforce by 25-50%. Reduces the need for frequent technology support, reduces down time resulting in happy end-users.

Do IT Faster

Spend less than one day in set up as opposed to 30+ days.

Simplifies IT infrastructure

Integrates compute, storage, networking, orchestration, and multi-tenancy into one homogenous, single-vendor system.

Global Deduplication

Efficiently eliminates duplicate and redundant data to free up wasted capacity.

Secure, nested multi-tenancy

Allows you to securely service many different divisions/ departments/ organizations all with your existing infrastructure.

Security By Design

The platform boasts an AES 256-bit encryption storage system, meaning it can be fully encrypted at rest without more special hardware or third party software. The unique single-software approach eliminates the security risks of stitching together multiple software solutions with varying security requirements and allows HIPAA, NIST, CUI and other data compliance.


Our faster-than-all-flash, multi-petabyte scale, machine-learning capable, multi-protocol (block, file, NAS,iSCSI and FICON) enterprise storage system that is high capacity, highly scalable with an industry unparalleled 99.99999% availability that is very easy to manage and usually cost significantly less than its competitors.

Smart & Fast

With its Trie Tree system that most search engines like Google uses it tracks billions of objects in micro seconds. It also boasts of an incredibly low latency under 150 microseconds, 24TB to 207TB Performance Acceleration (SSD), upto 1.3 million IOPS and 15.5 GB/s throughput.


Designed to be powered up and never come down with triple redundant power and data path, active-active-active nodes, high drive-to-server ratios and balanced, dispersed and efficient data protection it lives up to its promise of 99.99999% availability.

High Capacity

Scales up to 4.2PB usable and 8 PB effective capacity in a single 42U rack, 0.5-3.2 TB DRAM, 12 x 10 GbE Ports, 24 x 8 Gb FC Ports, 120 x 480 Disk Drives.


All-inclusive pricing includes three years support that is 24 x 7 x 365 worldwide enterprise class support, total capital costs are typically 30% less than competition. It typically uses 6-12 times less power than competition.


Data At Rest Encryption to protect your data


The most sophisticated hardware and software can often be rendered useless in the absence of reliable and adequate connectivity with more than enough capacity to handle the traffic. Organizations often try to strike a balance between budget and bandwidth since the demands for connectivity has grown and so has the cost.

UltraLevel can provide organizations with connectivity of adequate bandwidth and speed at rates that are usually 50% better than their current rates by leveraging the buying power of its partner’s $6.7 Trillion purchasing cooperative, whether it be terrestrial or satellite connectivity.

The hyperscale purchasing power of hundreds of clients and thousands of circuits yields significant savings to our individual clients. Whether it be MPLS, Dedicated Internet (DIA), Ethernet, Dark Fiber, SIP, Point-to-Point (P2P), SD-WAN, and more, we are able to audit and provide you savings.

Some of their partner include: