What would happen if your company lost one or several devices with all the data on laptops, desktops and tablets?
Are you tired of regularly having to refresh your inventory of laptops, desktops & tablets?
Looking for a way to allow your team to work anywhere, anytime, anyplace without sacrificing control and security?

With VDI, you wouldn’t have this problem. Watch this short video to learn more.

Make the change and experience relief from financial stress.

Planning, installing, implementing and operating a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) can appear to be challenging but UltraLevel can make this happen.

Secure, Accessible and Cost Effective.

Remote Workforce

Virtual Desktops allow users to work remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. The Virtual Desktop technologies of today can even handle applications with high graphics requirements.

Business Continuity

Since CloudSAFE DaaS desktops are virtual and running out of a datacenter, employees can continue working from anywhere during a site disaster. Can you say the same thing today? How long would it take you to restore critical business operations after a site disaster?

Security & Compliance

Your data resides in the datacenter, not on local devices that are prone to theft and breaches. Virtual Desktops allow for granular content access through security groups, restricted use of local drives / USB drives, restricted copy/paste from your virtual environment to your local device, and much more.

Use Less Bandwidth

Most of the network communication is happening within the datacenter, not between your PCs and the datacenter.

Ease of Deployment and Management

A Virtual Desktop can be quickly deployed from a standard image. Once deployed, central patching and upgrades are much easier to keep up to date with critical security vulnerabilities than with a traditional PC environment.

VDI, also known as server-based computing, is a great tool that provides for centralized control; quicker rollouts and updates; provides the ability to leverage thin clients over desktops; and offers greater security.
  • VDI reduces total cost of ownership for desktops / laptops / tablets
  • VDI provides you with security and control in today’s volatile environment

Increase Security with VDI

VDI allows you to control user access and permissions and, when done right, it can protect your company, its data and intellectual property.

Allow Users to Work from Anywhere

Today, users want to be able to work when and how they want. VDI allows you do to that while efficiently managing the environments of the users.

Read a Case Study

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Reduce Cost with VDI

No More constantly buying / replacing desktop devices on a calendar